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HVAC Repair, Installation, and Service

Whether you’re looking for AC repair, heating installation services, or regular maintenance like air duct cleaning, Hoosier Heating and Cooling has your back! For the past 20+ years, we’ve been providing HVAC services and parts for residential and commercial properties.
All our parts come with a 10-year warranty including our high-efficiency air conditioning units, furnaces, and heat pumps. In addition to these parts, we also carry thermostats, indoor air quality purifiers, and Air Bear filter systems.
The Hoosier staff is dedicated to offering air conditioning, heating, and furnace repair services as well as installation and unit maintenance. We look forward to working with you next!

When choosing Hoosier Heating and Cooling as a contractor there are several questions that as customer you need to consider:

> How long the company has been in business?

> Does the company offers financing if I need it?

> When I call do I have to leave a message , or can I talk to a "live" person?

> After I have service performed, what do I do if I still have problems?

> If I am not sure how old my duct work is, do they have a way to inspect it without making a mess, or having to replace it when it just needed cleaned?

> If I have pets, does the company do just duct cleaning?

> My upstairs needs a different temperature than my downstairs - is there a way they can do this without costing me an arm and a leg?

> Does the company offer a program that offers service checks before the seasons change, to make sure my system is running properly?

Here are a few tips to save yourself some time and money on costly repairs that could have been prevented:

* Make sure to change your air filter once a month (1 inch filters) or per the manufacturers recommended servicing (5 inch Air Bear filter at least every 6 month)

A "dirty" filter can prevent proper air flow and do damage to your system.

* Make sure your A/C or Furnace is the proper sizing for your home

Improper sizing can make costly utility bills that can be prevented with a smaller or larger system.

* If your A/C or Furnace is old, consider purchasing a new, energy efficient model

You could save up to 50% on your utility bills.

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