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The Beginning

Founded in 1973, Hoosier Heating & Cooling has a history full of hard work and sacrifice. When the company first began, the Coughlin family opened gifts and ate meals in shifts on Christmas day so owner Naylor "Champ" Coughlin could ensure each job was completed and be available to customers. 

Champ Coughlin sold the company in 2013.

Until 2013, Champ's motto was "Loyalty, Honesty and Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

The Next Chapter....  

Frank Weir worked at Hoosier Heating & Cooling for over 20 years until 2014.

With the help of Champ and his daughter Gina he started his own heating and cooling business under the name of Crossroads Heating and Cooling in 2014.

Through his hard work Frank made his company and name known in Terre Haute. And he had a feeling there was more to do....

This is us now....

Unfortunately, in August 2015 the old Hoosier Heating and Cooling closed it's doors, but....

....in 2016, Champ's family purchased back the Hoosier building on 318 N 22nd Street and in the beginning of 2017 Champ's son-in-law Marc Buechner purchased back the name Hoosier Heating and Cooling.

Marc and Frank partnered up in 2017 and together started the old company back up again under the name of Hoosier Heating and Cooling LLC.

Hoosier Heating and Cooling is back to Terre Haute and the Wabash Valley under the same motto as it was until 2013:

"Loyalty, Honesty and Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed"!

Hoosier Heating and Cooling, LLC

318 N 22nd St, Terre Haute, IN 47807

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