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Three Easy Steps to Less AC Repair

Three Easy Steps for an AC Repair Company in Terre Haute

The average lifespan of an air conditioning unit ranges from 15 to 20 years, according to the US Department of Energy. But during this period, it is inevitable for a unit to be checked, assessed, and repaired by an expert at one point.

Taking pride in our over 20 years of experience, our firm Hoosier Heating and Cooling are considered as one, if not the most reliable AC repair company in Terre Haute. Apart from our repair services, we also sell and install energy efficient air conditioning units and other products like air purifiers and thermostats.

While we are committed to give quality repair services, we also put proper maintenance on prime esteem. Here are three easy steps to keep your air conditioning system in good condition:

  1. Make it a Habit to Clean 

Cleanliness is a great virtue to practice if you own an air conditioning unit. Similar to any other appliances, regular cleaning is a basic maintenance chore that is vital in ensuring that an AC unit will continue performing smoothly.

The first thing that should be cleaned is the air filter, as it is prone to dust and other particles. If your air filter is non-reusable, it’s safe to have it replaced on a monthly basis.

If you want to prevent mold from growing, you shouldn’t also leave the water pan and the condenser coils uncleaned.

The outside of your unit should also be cleaned regularly.  Leaves and dirt that will build up around it will only hamper your unit’s efficiency, affecting air flow and decreasing its overall system capacity. Gently wash this debris to help prevent your unit from getting damaged.

Don’t forget to turn off the unit before doing any AC cleaning chores.

  1. Always Check the Condition of Your Unit

Examining the condition of your AC unit every now and then also takes an important role in keeping it in good condition. During the regular check-up, inspect first the thermostat, which is the command center of your whole air conditioning system. Make sure it’s working fine so you can maintain proper air flow.

Along with the thermostat, it’s also a must to check your unit’s wirings and components. Take out the condenser’s access panel and look if there’s any burnt wires or loose electrical connections.

Also don’t forget to check the condenser unit fan, which is usually mounted on the outside of your AC unit. If you find any damage to the fan blades, it’s safer to have them replaced.

Again, before doing all these examinations, turn off your AC unit first.

  1. Call for Professional Help

Though any homeowner would love to save on any fees, it’s much more cost-effective to call for professional help. After all, there are things better left in the care of a certified AC technician.

Our folks at our AC repair company in Terre Haute does not only offer repair services but professional maintenance services as well. Let our team of experts handle your AC unit problems. Call us at 812-917-4214.

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