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Installation & Service in Terre Haute

Call Hoosier Heating and Cooling for air duct cleaning in Terre Haute. We service both residential and commercial environments. Founded in 1973, Hoosier Heating and Cooling is well-known for great work and affordable service. Because we hire only the best in the business, you can depend on us to always be professional, courteous, knowledgeable, thorough, and swift. We won't send anyone to your home or establishment whom we wouldn't trust in our own. Further, you can count on Hoosier Heating and Cooling to operate quickly and always in a safety-oriented fashion.

Why Your Air Ducts Must be Cleaned Routinely

Compared to many years ago when people heated their homes with wood and coal, a modern home's heating and cooling system is a marvel of efficiency, reliability, and convenience. The one thing that old and new systems have in common is that they both get dirty and need to be cleaned. Even if you maintain a clean home, your ductwork and heating and cooling system will get dirty. To understand why this happens, you first have to understand how your heating and cooling system operates.

Think of your home's heating and cooling system as the lungs of your home. The system pulls air from the rooms of your home through the return ductwork. Then, the air passes through the air filter before reaching the air handler (or furnace) where it's heated or cooled depending on the season. Once the air is heated or cooled, it's blown through the supply ductwork and back into your rooms. Some of the components in your furnace are used only during heating, and others, only during cooling. Still, other components operate all the time. Although the air is filtered, filters alone can't remove all the contaminants from the air. Your system will get dirty through normal use.

What Gets Dirty?

Pretty much your entire heating and cooling system gets dirty and needs to be cleaned. Return ducts, supply ductwork, filters, blowers, the heat exchanger, and your cooling coils all get dirty. Eventually, this dirt will blow back into your home.

Where Does the Dirt Come from?

Did you know that up to 40 lbs of dust get created each year in the average six-room household? Household dust is normal and unavoidable - it is created by everyday living. Every time we open a door, walk across carpeting, scratch our dry skin, or unroll paper towels, we contribute to airborne dust. Of course, pets and dust-emitting activities, such as remodeling, make the problem even worse. In fact, it's not uncommon to find construction dust in a home's heating and cooling system years after the home was built. On average, this contaminated air recirculates throughout your home 5-7 times a day. Other than being gross, why does this matter? Because it can become a serious problem.

The buildup of these contaminants on components, such as blowers and cooling coils, can lead not only to unhealthy air for your family to breathe but also to higher energy bills. A buildup of these contaminants will cause your system to work harder and run longer, shortening the lifespan of your equipment. Your heating and cooling system needs to be kept clean in order for it to provide the thermal comfort you expect. If you need your heating and cooling system serviced or need air duct cleaning in Terre Haute, contact Hoosier Heating and Cooling to set up an appointment today.

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