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We do heater installation and service for any kind of heater you use

Call Hoosier Heating and Cooling for heater installation in Terre Haute. Whatever kind of heater you use, we can service and install it for you - old or new. If you have a heater already but need it installed, just give us a call. If you need a water heater but haven't chosen one yet, let us help you select the best one for your place. With a little bit of information, we can help you select and install a heater that will be compatible with your setup, fulfill all of your water heating needs, and last for many, many years to come.

Interested in Upgrading to an On-Demand Water Heater?

Most of the standard heater tanks on the market today operate with a burner underneath that turns on and off randomly, keeping the water in the tank heated to 120 degrees. Whether you're home or not and whether you need hot water or not, that heater keeps turning on and off all day and all night.

Hoosier Heating and Cooling can give you a system that provides your family with plenty of hot water and will save you considerable sums in operative costs. The system we're talking about is called an On-Demand water heater (AKA Instantaneous water heater). This system is the standard way to make hot water in all of Asia and most of Europe. As of 2018, this system is only used about 10% of the U.S. water heater market. However, that percentage growing every day and for good reason.

Smaller but Better

The first thing people notice about the On-Demand system is its size. This system is very small and will save you lots of space. People often wonder, "Can something that small really provide enough hot water for my whole family?" The answer is, "Yes." The On-Demand heater system heats water in a fundamentally different way than most water heaters. Put simply; this system heats up water only when a faucet is turned on. The real difference in how it works is on the inside, and we'd be glad to show you in-person.

An Investment Well Worth it

An On-Demand unit does cost a bit more up front, but the long-term benefits make it a worthwhile investment. Installation is a little more involved because you will likely need a larger gas line to the unit. The unit does burn more gas, but only when it's on. You'll also have to get electrical to it, and you will have to direct vent it. Also, you will have to bring the hot and cold water to it. Fortunately, these are simple adjustments, and won't be a problem for Hoosier Heating and Cooling! 

The On-Demand unit will give you unlimited hot water and will last for years to come. These units are manufactured with better materials, such as copper and stainless steel, unlike a standard glass-lined steel tank that you have to change every 5-7 years. Most importantly, an On-Demand unit is going to save you at least 30% energy consumption annually. If you'd like to learn more or need heater installation in Terre Haute, call Hoosier Heating and Cooling right away.

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